Day Program

The Day Program at Abilities Unlimited of Fort Smith, Inc. is a place of life-long learning.  Everyday, Monday through Friday, Our client's participate in life skill training.  These activities are listed below:

Home Living:

Cooking and Healthy meals preparation, using kitchen tools and appliances, laundry skills, following directions, household cleaning and chemical safety.

Career Center:

Job Readiness skills, filling out applications, mock interviews, identifying your dream job, starting a business, knowing your limits, minding your manners.

Finance and Numbers:

Money skills, identifying money, budgeting, banking, time skills, knowing your numbers, using a calculator, knowing your address and friends and family.

Arts and Drama:

Expressing yourself through art, bringing out your creativity, simple sewing, standing up and speaking out, respecting yourself, respecting others, knowing your feelings, and conflict resolution.

Fitness and Nutrition:

Exercise Routines, weight training, walking and running teams, Special Olympics, circuit training, balance and movement, picking out healthy snacks, reading nutritional facts, and hyrdation education.

Work Activity Center:

Pre-Vocational skills, staying on-task, improving your productions, following directions, listening to your supervisor, building organizational skills, keeping a job, safety in the workplace.

Communication and Music

Increasing your vocabulary by using music, communicating feelings, understanding and learning the lyrics to a song, learning a strong, regular, repeated   pattern of movement, sound or rhythm and making your own rhythm.